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"One of the most touching stories you'll see this holiday season"

Posted on 2014.12.30 at 20:21
And the comments say "no color just the way we all should give to each other".
So here's the story, little boy wants to learn how to hunt. He lives with his mom and she's too sick to take him so he asks a local sheriffs dept. for someone to help him. They get him on a plane to get him with a department that's offering to help him. They get him outfitted and take him out and he has a blast. It was a great example of the police doing a good thing.

So why is it that the first thing I think about when I look at the picture is how it's okay for a 9 year-old white boy to run around with an actual rifle, but a 12 year old black kid has a toy gun and is killed for it- who in their right mind lets a kid run around with a toy like that, obviously he deserved it.

It bothers me that we hear about a tragedy and find a way to blame those who are suffering from the loss of their child. Because we aren't comfortable with the idea that our police force has become frighteningly militarized and racially profile the people they're supposed to be protecting. It bothers me that we pretend this isn't a racial issue and instead of being outraged by the misuse of authority, it's said that people need to be more submissive to the police when they're out of control.

Last time I checked, the penalty for resisting arrest wasn't death. Last time I checked, wearing baggy pants wasn't against the law (the laws of decent taste- yes, but that's not the issue). And I'm sick of the implication that due process isn't necessary if the arresting officer decides to 'dispense justice' on their own.

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