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Posted on 2015.02.20 at 19:48


fretherne at 2015-05-06 00:34 (UTC) (Link)
What a super surprise to get an LJ notification that you had replied to my comment back at the start of March. I don't always check my email regularly so the four day delay is down to me!

It rather reminds me of a Swedish physicist I worked with once. She was rather taciturn but told me she was from the north of Sweden and people do not talk much up there. Even husbands and wives would only speak to each other about once a month. AND THEN ONLY IF THEY HAD SOMETHING TO SAY!!

I am not at all sure how I found your new livejournal. I think I was tidying up my old livejournal. I rarely post since life is far too boring now to share :-) I looked on the Anna Sophia journal. I know realise that you may mean this journal to be private just for venting so I hope I haven't intruded. Let me know if you would prefer to keep it that way and I will respect your privacy.

Anyway I still see little flashes in this journal of the 'old' Anna Sophia, pirate queen and emperor. Being A mom is far more difficult but ultimately far more important. You're right Spring is here. The days are longer and brighter and you'll feel your spirits rise.

As you say journals are for venting and this is a two way process so stand back

I want to go back to Prague CVUT to work.
I want to ride my Flying Brick across Europe to go back there.
Anna won't let me! :-( but she's right of course!

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