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Goings on.

Posted on 2015.05.03 at 18:35
Yesterday we did the family outing thing. We went to the coffee shop and visited with people we knew there for a bit before heading to the comic store for Free Comic Day. Picked up a few that interested me and then we went to Boulevard Park and fed him in the shade, then popped him in the battle wagon and walked the path that runs along the shoreline. It was nice to get some sunshine and it was nice to spend time together as a family when we weren't running errands or hiding in the apartment. Dinner was fried shrimp and clams and the perfect end to the day.
The night was a different story, menstrual cramps and an allergic reaction to the flea bites on my upper left arm made nursing on the left difficult and painful so I tried to switch him to the other side but he wouldn't feed and kept screaming. I wanted to try and change him to see if he'd calm down with a dry diaper but the arm and the cramps and the screaming/flailing baby made it impossible. Called Chris for help but he was sound asleep and wouldn't wake up. I had to put the baby down and go wake him up, at which point I was a blubbering mess. He was pretty grumpy but was able to get Thumper changed and settled enough for me to try feeding him again. After a slightly more successful feeding, he went back to bed and I got to snuggle with a heating pad for my stomach and an ice pack for my arm.
This morning we woke up and did our normal morning routine; feed the baby, change the baby, dress the baby. And normally I'd make myself breakfast, but there were pans all over the stove so in order to be able to use the stove, I had to empty the dishwasher, fill it and wash the pans. And today, while I was at it, I finally got the damn pot washed. The one that's been sitting in the sink since I was pregnant? The one that's collected food and mold and started actually growing a plant of some sort? That pot. Is finally cleaned and the sink it was in has been scrubbed out so I once again have two sides of my sink and a feeling of relief that I don't have to deal with staring at that pot and feeling helpless. We had pineapple and bacon sausage and eggs for breakfast. Laundry done, bedding stripped so Chris could spray down the beds with flea treatment. And one of the mom's at my school had a Jamberry nail wraps party, so we went and hung out in the sun on a blanket and snacked on veggies and fruit and I got my nails done and socialized with other moms. Got home and fed Thumper in my rocking chair while listening to Oyasumi and feeling like everything was right with the world. Then we got a shower and played with bubbles. In half an hour I feed him again and put him down for bedtime and hopefully finish some laundry so I can get to bed early too. Who knows what this evening is going to be like... but right now we're doing good.

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